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About Pet World Warehouse Outlet

Pet World Warehouse Outlet specializes in fulfilling your bird, cat, dog, freshwater and saltwater fish, reptiles and small animal’s needs. At Pet World Warehouse Outlet, customer service is number one. www.petworldoutlet.com


To provide you, the customer, with the highest level of animal competency along with high-quality customer service to fill your needs.

Company Overview

Pet World Warehouse Outlet is a small, locally owned pet store founded in 1978. Pet World has been in business for thirty five years. Over the course of our experiences, we have always attributed our success to one thing: you, the customer.

Whether your needs are small - hamsters, gerbils, rabbits or other - we want to make sure your needs are met with high-quality customer service. Pair this with advanced knowledge about animals; Pet World has been able to thrive for over three decades.

Here at Pet World we like to pride ourselves in being a small locally owned company.  With that in mind, whenever possible, it is important that we sell animals from our local community and surrounding areas.