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Black-Hooded Nun Finch

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Black-Hooded Nun Finch


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Pet World gets all of its Black-hooded nuns from private breeders within the United States. Image is for referrence only and may not represent a bird currently available at Pet World.


  • Black-hooded nuns live on average 5-12 years
  • Black-hooded nuns are also known as Chestnut Mannikin, Chestnut Munia, Black-headed Munia, Black-headed Nun, Black-headed Mannikin, Southern Black-headed Munia
  • The adult has a stubby pale grey-blue bill, black head, and brown body, with a brick red patch on the lower back, visible only when it flies. Some races also have a black belly.
  • The sexes are similar, but immature birds have uniform pale brown upperparts, lack the dark head and have white to pale buff underparts.
  • Their diet should consist of quality seed mixes. Supplementing their diet with grit, cuttlebone, and spray millet also gives them necessary nutrients.

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