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Bronze-Winged Mannikin Finch

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Bronze-Winged Mannikin Finch


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Pet World gets all of its Bronze-Winged Mannikin from private breeders within the United States. Image is for referrence only and may not represent a bird currently available at Pet World.


  • Bronze-Winged Mannikin live on average 5-12 years
  • Bronze-Winged Mannikin are also known as Bronze Mannikin, Bronze Munia, Bronze-shouldered Mannikin, Bronze-wing, Swainson's Bronze Mannikin, Hooded Finch, Hooded Weaver-Finch, and Hooded Mannikin.
  • The adult is a compact bird with a short black tail, and stubby black and pale grey (not distinctly bluish) mandibles. It is black to brownish black on the head, chin, throat and center of the chest, with some purple-green iridescence on the face and sides of the breast. It has greyish brown upper parts and white underparts with irregular barring on the flanks and rump. A small green iridescent patch is present on the outer scapular feathers, besides, especially in the western race, the sides of the lower breast. Wing coverts and remiges are bordered in a paler or warmer tone.
  • The sexes are similar. Immature birds are dun brown above with buff head and underpart plumage.
  • Their diet should consist of quality seed mixes. Supplementing their diet with grit, cuttlebone, and spray millet also gives them necessary nutrients.

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