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At Pet World, we have everything you need to keep your bird(s) happy and healthy!

All of Pet World’s large birds, cockatiels, and bigger come from breeders in local areas who hand feed and baby these young birds as members of their family insuring a healthy young bird.

What kind of bird is right for you? There are many factors in choosing the perfect bird for you or your family. Do you want a large bird or a small bird? Are you a seasoned bird keeper or new to the game? Would you prefer a social or independent temperament? What sort of budget are you on? How much time do you have to devote to your feathered friend? These are all very important questions to ask your Pet World Associate before investing in your very own bird. We recommend that you start small (perhaps a canary) and go from there!

Our in-store inventory includes cages, toys, seed/food and feeders. Birds are extremely intelligent and easy to train so they deserve the best of the best. At this time, bird supplies are not available for online purchase. They will be soon! Make sure to Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to be notified when bird supplies are available online.

We sell a wide variety of birds at each of our locations. Animals are not available for sale over the Internet, however feel free to visit one of our 5 locations to see the variety of birds we have!

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