We are gradually adding products for sale in our online store.
We have MANY more products available at our physical locations.


Pet World carries a wide-range of cat supplies.  From food, litters, toys – we are your one stop shop for all your cat’s needs.  We will slowly unveil more products as the weeks go by.  Visit the website often for more products that you can order online.

Here at Pet World we know that you don’t have to be a “crazy cat lady” to love and indulge your feline. On the contrary! We know how unique and intelligent your cat is and we believe they deserve the best of the best food, toys, litter, and grooming accessories.

You know that your cat is an integral part of your family unit and we understand that as well. We strive to provide the best care and stock the finest products so that you are able to provide for your cat. A healthy, happy cat means a healthy, happy family.

If you have a question or a product request, please give us a call or contact Pet World by filling out a contact form.