Pet World Warehouse

2148 West Beltline Highway

Madison, WI 53713-2340

phone: (608) 278-7999
fax: (608) 278-7998 

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 Monday - Friday: 10:00am to 9:00pm   |   Saturday - 10:00am to 7:00pm  |  Sunday: 10:00am to 6:00pm 

  -I-94 W toward Madison.    
  -Keep Left toward Madison.     
  -Merge onto I-39 S/I-90 E via Exit --> 4A on the Left toward Janesville.   
  -Merge onto US-12 W/US-18 W via Exit --> 142A toward Madison.     
  -Take Exit --> 259 toward TODD DRIVE.  
  -Keep Right at the fork to go on W Beltline Hwy. 
  -2148 W Beltline Hwy is on the Left.