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Fire-Bellied Newt

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Fire-Bellied Newt


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Pet World gets all of its Fire-bellied newts from local, private breeders within the state of Wisconsin. Image is for reference only, and may not represent a reptile currently available at Pet World.


Species: 2

Other Common Names: Japanese fire-bellied newt or Chinese fire-bellied newt

Scientific Name: Cynops pyrrhogaster or Cynops orientalis

Life Span: 10-20 years

Adult Size: 4-6 inches

Habitat: A 20 gallon aquarium is suitable to house up to 2 pairs of newts. Gravel or aquatic sand should be used for substrate. Provide a platform or island onto which they can crawl should they wish to leave the water.

Temperature: 60° - 75°F water temperature. Use a submersible, shatter proof heater.

Humidity: N/A

Lighting: Full spectrum UV lighting is not required.

Diet:  Chopped live nightcrawlers or frozen bloodworm cubes are good staple foods.

Water: An aquarium filter can be used, but these newts are still water animals. So keep filter water flow to a minimum if possible.

Temperament: Note that these newts are themselves toxic, exuding a poison from their skin, and it is not a good idea for them to share a tank with other species.

Notes: The newts will enjoy lots of live aquarium plants such as Egeria, Cabomba and Amazon Sword. Special lighting is required if you decide to use live plants. Don’t forget a tight fitting lid because these newts are excellent escape artists.

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