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Aqueon Black Classic Pine Aquarium Stand

Aqueon Black Classic Pine Aquarium Stand

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These quality pine stands are constructed entirely of solid wood.


  • Each stand is stained and finished with a waterproofing sealer that will protect them from splashes and other water damage. 
  • Each pine stand is 28 inches high. 
  • Stand only, aquarium and supplies sold separately


Stand Size            Fits Tank Size

    20”                         10,20X
    24”                      15,20H,30X
    30”                        20L,29,37
    36”                         30,38,45
    48”                      33L,40L,55
18 X 36              30BR,40BR,50,65
18 X 48                 75E, 90,110X
18 x 72                       125,150
24 x 48                          120

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