How Can I prevent my Pets from Getting Fleas or Ticks?


Fleas and ticks can carry and transmit a number of parasites and diseases as well as cause dehydration, anemia, and discomfort for your pet as well as humans.  When it comes to fleas and ticks, prevention is always easier, cheaper, and better for your pet than treatment after an infestation.  How do you prevent your pets from getting fleas or ticks?  Follow this advice to help limit the possibility of your pet getting fleas or ticks.


What exactly are fleas and ticks?  Where do fleas and ticks come from?


Fleas and ticks are carried by many wild animals and can drop in your yard and breed.  By treating the outdoor environment you and your pets are exposed to you can reduce the chances of picking up these pests.  For treating the outdoor environment there are many sprays and powders that you can use on your lawn.  Again follow the instructions for the products you choose and retreat as the product recommends.  Be sure to treat the areas that wild animals tend to be in your yard especially under bushes and cooler areas.  Fleas tend to like long, grassy, moist areas so keeping up with your yard work and cutting your grass short is also recommended.E317_UC Flea & Tick Spray


To prevent flea and tick infestations from occurring it is best to treat the outdoor environment along with the use of a preventative product on the animal.  Topical drops such as Frontline, K9 Advantix, and Hartz Ultra Guard will help with this.  These products should not be put on until a few days to a week after use of other flea products or a toxic reaction could occur.  Always follow the product’s instructions and only use on the type, size, and age animal it is intended for.  Even with these preventative products on, a pet may still be found with fleas or ticks on them as fleas and ticks do not simply touch the animals and “poof” die.  Ticks and fleas either need to feed on the animal or be on the animal in order to absorb the chemicals that will kill them.  This can take minutes to hours, but it will work if applied properly.  If the environment is heavily infested you may simply be seeing the “new” fleas on the animals.  This is when we also recommend treating the outdoor environment.


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