There are a variety of reasons why your cat stopped using its litter box. It can often be difficult to pinpoint the reason but, thankfully, there are many different types of solutions available to try and fix the problem. Follow these tips to help alleviate the problem of your cat not using the litter box.



Make sure you have enough litter boxes in your home, and that they are scooped out daily.

There is a general rule of thumb to have as many liter boxes in your home as there are cats plus one extra. So, for example, if you have two cats, you should have three litter boxes.  All of the boxes should be kept clean as cats may refuse to use a box that is very dirty.  There are a variety of styles and sizes of litter boxes for you to choose from.  This allows you to find the litter box that is the best fit for your cat(s).

 P-5913_NM Advanced High Sided Corner Litter Box


People don’t like change, either does your cat!

If the cleanliness and number of boxes is not the problem, changes in the home that cause stress can be the culprit for your cats' refusal to use its box. New additions to the family, moving, and major lifestyle changes can all affect your cat. Using a product that has pheromones in it, such as Comfort Zone's diffuser or spray with Feliway, can help trigger an instinctual calming response in your cat and reduce the stress that can make a cat mark around the house. You can also use a brand of cat litter, Cat Attract, which has pheromones in it that helps to attract your cat to use his or her box. 



Identifying the trigger as to why your cat stopped using the litter box is difficult.

Being able to identify and remove the trigger that's causing your cat to go outside of its box is often times only half of the battle. It is essential to make sure you completely eliminate any traces of urine or feces from the areas that your cat has marked or your cat may be encouraged to use those same spots again. A cleaner that has enzymes in it, such as Nature's Miracle Just for Cats, is greatly effective at cleaning fresh as well as older markings. You can also use Nature's Miracle's No More Marking spray, which not only cleans the soiled area but also has a natural deterrent which cats find unpleasant and are discouraged to use the spot in which it is applied to. 


If you tried multiple solutions and your cat is still not using its box, or if you at any time notice any major health or behavioral changes in your cat, seek assistance from your local veterinarian as certain medical conditions can cause a cat to go outside of its box. Having a cat use the bathroom anywhere but its box can be frustrating but it is a problem that can be solved - do not lose hope!


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