Housebreaking or crate training your dog does not need to be as big of a challenge that most owners face.  There are a couple steps you must take in order to make sure your dog is trained properly. 


First thing you want to remember is to “keep the area small”.


Purchase a metal crate that will fit the puppy as an adult.  These metal crates come with a divider to help you make the area smaller.  You should only give the puppy enough room to lie down and turn around.  As the puppy grows you are able to make the area larger by moving the divider. 


Do not put food or water inside the crate.


This should be given to them on the outside of the crate. If you put the food and water on the inside, they will eat and drink and will have to go to the bathroom.  You want to get this new puppy on a schedule that is right for you.  Feed breakfast when you eat breakfast and dinner when you eat dinner.


Put a towel or something with your scent on it for the puppy to sleep on. 


This will give them the feeling that you are there when you actually are not.  This can also help your dog feel more of a bond.


Always use the same door when you take your puppy outside to go to potty. 


This way they will associate this door with going outside.  You can hang a rope or ribbon from that door knob and put a bell at the bottom.  Teach your puppy to swat at that bell when it has to go outside.  When the puppy is done going potty, give them a treat.  They will then associate that when they swat at the bell and go potty outside they will get a treat.  If you want them to go in a certain area of your yard, leave some of their waste in that area and they will smell their scent and go there.


Fun Tip: You can fill a Kong toy with peanut butter and freeze it overnight.  Give this to them in their crate and it is like a “Doggy Popsicle”.  It gives them something safe to play with when you are not there.


Try to use their crate for at least the first year of their lives.  It will be a safety zone for your puppy.  After the first year, you can try to wean them into the freedom of your home when you are not there.


What are some tricks you used to crate train your dog?  Comment below!