How do I stop my dog or cat from shedding as often?


Dogs and cats naturally lose old and damaged hair by shedding. Although you cannot stop a healthy animal from shedding completely, you can reduce it. There are a few common ways to slow down the rate of shedding.


  1. The coat of your pet is often a reflection of what they eat, which is why we recommend feeding a high quality pet food that is rich in essential vitamins and nutrients such as Omega 3. Earthborn Holistic formulas contain Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids which are vital for the immune and nervous system while supporting healthy skin and coat. Daily supplements and food additives are also available to add to your pet’s food to restore a soft and shiny coat.
  2. In addition to proper nutrition, regular brushing makes your pet’s coast softer, cleaner and less likely to shed. Using the right brush on your animal will also make a difference. Slicker Brushes, Undercoat Rakes and Shedding Blades each have a specific function and work best on the type of coat they are designed for. Most pets will need more than one type of brush to remove all the dead hair.
  3. Bathe your dog or cat regularly. Be sure to use a shampoo that is made to reduce shedding.  They typically have vitamins added that will moisturize the skin and coat.  Over bathing or use of the wrong shampoos can dry out your pets coat and make things worse so please feel free to come in and ask a Pet World associate for advice. 


Shedding will occur more often during the summer months, as the heat is more constant.  If you follow the three rules above, you should start to see a positive change in the amount of shedding your cat or dog has.


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