With literally thousands of cat food choices, how do you select one?  Though the options are endless, there is a difference in the food you select for your cat.  To be honest, there is no specific food that is good for all cats.  Each cat will react differently to what food you serve.  Let’s take a look at some options you have for your cat.


What to look for in wet and dry food:


Look at the ingredient panel of the dry food your considering for your pet.  Cats are carnivores so good things to look for are whole animal protein sources - Chicken, beef or fish are good starts.  Many dry cat foods also have a grain source.  These can be good for fiber content in your cats food.  Fiber significantly improves the health of the gastrointestinal tract.  If your cat is having issues with vomiting and furballs, consider serving high-fiber cat food.  This might help with limiting the amount of hairball issues and vomiting that you are experiencing (specifically vegetable fiber).  A dry food with about 35% protein 15% fat and 5% fiber is a good start.


Wet foods can also be offered to your cat. Keep in mind that most canned foods are about 75% moisture/water so these alone will not fulfill their dietary needs. These foods should only be used to supplement dry foods.


Cats can be very finicky. So if you find a quality dry food that is palatable to your cat and it agrees with his/her digestive system you are off to a good start.


Cat food brands we recommend:


Earthborn Holistic


Natural Balance

Nature’s Recipe

Science Diet

Natural Choice


We hope these tips were helpful. Feel free stop into any of our PetWorld Warehouse Outlet locations to talk to one of our knowledgeable associates or contact us via email, or on social media.



What is your cat’s favorite food?