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Saltwater Fish

At Pet World, we have everything you need to keep your saltwater fish happy and healthy!

Saltwater fish can be hard to keep, a beginner would be advised to start with a freshwater fish, but if you are up for the challenge a saltwater fish is the way to go. Recent developments in filtration systems and food for these exotic water creatures have made keeping saltwater fish much easier in the past few years. Large aquariums and fish as bright as the coral might be exactly what you are looking for in your home.

Our in-store inventory includes pumps and filters, lighting and tanks, food and feeders. At this time, saltwater fish supplies are not available for online purchase. They will be soon! Make sure to Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to be notified when bird supplies are available online.

We sell a wide variety saltwater fish at each of our locations (switched birds and saltwater fish here). Animals are not available for sale over the Internet, however feel free to visit one of our 5 locations to see the variety of saltwater fish we have!

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