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Dutch Rabbit

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Dutch Rabbit


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Pet World gets all of its dutch rabbits from local breeders in Southeastern to Central Wisconsin.


  • Domestic rabbits life span is 8-12 years
  • Adult Dutch Rabbits weigh between 3.5 (1,58kg) and 5.5 lbs (2,48kg)
  • Rabbits are nocturnal and therefore are active between dusk and dawn.
  • Rabbits are social animals and need the companionship of humans as well as affection.
  • When a rabbit is happy they will click their teeth.
  • A rabbit licks and nibbles on their owner to express affection.
  • Rabbits have incisors (front teeth) that are constantly growing. Provide chew toys to help keep their teeth worn down.
  • Rabbits should have a salt or mineral wheel to help provide them with extra minerals in their diet.
  • Hay is a rabbit's main diet, so provide hay daily.
  • Rabbits learn litter box habits easily.
  • Rabbits groom themselves often. They cannot cough up hair they ingest. To prevent your rabbit from getting ill, give your rabbit cat hairball treatment weekly.

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